2023 USCA Sieger Show

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Bel Ackerman dancindogss@gmail.com Experienced youth handler: I have handled dogs at local, regional, and national shows, from puppies to working dog classes. References available upon request. Please send me an email for availability. Thank you! :))
Lars Beckmann edeortiz@aol.com (919) 413-4543 Call for class availability Experienced handler has competed at German Sieger Shod
Rodolfo Bravo bestinhaus@gmail.com (305) 905-0153 All classes
Sinan Cinioglu scinioglu@gmail.com 00905337126467 Can contact wia whatsapp
Chantelle Ford rockbottomranch2009@yahoo.com (870) 805-5592 Available to handle stock/long coat puppy classes as well as open adult classes.
Sophie Kaltenmorgen so.kalt@online.de (347) 951-3558 I have handled many high placed dogs in Germany at local, regional and at BSZS, including a VA dog in U.S sieger show.
Lars Kuhnemann edeortiz@aol.com (919) 413-4543 Call for class availability Experienced handler in Europe and USA
Tessa Martinez martineztessa1@gmail.com (630) 781-7476 I have a true passion for working with German Shepherds and more than 15 years of professional experience handling in the show ring. I can proudly say my love and dedication for the sport has been a life long journey. I am an enthusiastic competitor in the show ring, but above all, I guarantee I will show your GSD with the best I have to offer from the start to the very end. I never give up on getting the best place for your dog! I am available for all age groups at the moment. I look forward to showing together!
Nina Mkrtychian m.nina.p@gmail.com (929) 389-9945 reference available on request
Staci Murphy (724) 344-3683 Text or Messanger for availability.
Ash Nadar nadark9@gmail.com Contact for availability
Elena Ortiz dicasaprtizgsd@gmail.com (919) 413-4543 All classes we have multiple handlers coming from Germany and Ecuador
Sam Pankratz sjpankratz@hotmail.com (724) 323-3220 Please contact me for availability and references. Text or FB messenger preferred.
Antonio Preciado bestinhaus@gmail.com (305) 905-0153 All classes
Usman Rashad usman.rashad@yahoo.com (347) 257-8057 We have some amazing handlers coming from Germany. Text or call for availability.
Christoph Schneider Chris5654@aol.com (312) 415-8045 I have trained German Shepherds for SV shows and handled dogs in all classes since 2018 at many club, regional and national events. In 2019 my own dog was awarded V5 in the working dog, male LSC class at the 2019 US Sieger Show (same location as this year). I am available to handle dogs in all classes, except in the female working dog class LSC.
Daniel Torres edeortiz@aol.com (919) 413-4543 Call for availability Experienced in USA and Ecuador
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